Our studio is a creative space where visions and implementation of new things arise.


Designing a Brighter Future: Our mission is to craft innovative solutions that inspire positive change and drive lasting impact.

Artful Innovation:
From Masterpiece to Market

Product design is the artful fusion of creativity and practicality, where an expertly crafted prototype becomes the cornerstone of mass-produced innovations, each embodying the essence of the original vision.

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Transforming Raw Potential:
Crafting Value Through Design

At our design studio, we go beyond simply imagining the possibilities. We believe that creativity is the bridge between imagination and tangible results. By merging imagination with action, we create meaningful solutions that not only inspire but also drive progress and enhance the world around us.

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The Essence of Exceptional Design: Uniting Value, Creativity, and Expertise

At the core of every exceptional design lies a unique combination of value, creativity, and expertise. We believe in infusing products with both tangible and intangible value, transcending monetary worth. A successful design is built on a foundation of strong ideas, quality, and accessibility. By understanding the complex interplay between these elements and consumers' perceptions, we create designs that stand out in a competitive market, shaping a better future for all.

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At Husarska Design, we foster a culture of innovation where our team members think beyond conventional boundaries and work diligently to overcome challenges. With a focus on open communication, we build lasting partnerships with clients, transforming their business ideas into reality.

We design
products, experience,

At Husarska Design, we breathe life into ideas, pushing the boundaries of imagination through We craft products, experiences, and emotions, transcending mediums and materials to create the extraordinary. Unleashing our creative prowess, we specialize in problem-solving and deliver innovative, professional solutions that redefine product design. Let's collaborate to shape the future, one mind-blowing design at a time.

Our cutting-edge methodology in problem-solving and product design.

We harness the power of to delve deep into your project's core, uncovering unique insights and crafting tailored solutions. This approach enables us to navigate complex challenges and create impactful, meaningful designs that resonate with your target audience.

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At Husarska Design, we specialize in delivering exceptional product design solutions with a focus on three core categories: medical devices, electronic devices, and furniture.  Our expertise in industrial processes and mass production ensures that we create not only stunning designs but also practical, cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

Leveraging our knowledge of production processes, we collaborate with you to design products that seamlessly integrate into your existing manufacturing workflows. From concept to completion, we remain committed to excellence, ensuring your products stand out in the market and make a lasting impact. Partner with Husarska Design and experience the transformative power of skillful design and industry-specific expertise.

& Interiors

and Research

We believe in the power of data-driven insights and strategic planning to elevate your product design journey. Our Strategy & Research services encompass ergonomics, utilizing cams and ergonomic models, along with comprehensive sociological data analysis using tools like SPSS and Statistica. We gather valuable feedback through end-user interviews, expert consultations, and focus group research, ensuring your designs resonate with your target audience.

Our multifaceted approach extends to design strategy, EU subsidy assistance, application writing, and project management. We conduct trend and material research for each project, aligning your products with market demands. With experience in collaborating with company board members, we develop cohesive business and product design strategies tailored to your needs. Our dedicated workshop space invites collaboration, fostering innovation through expert-led focus groups. Partner with Husarska Design to unlock the full potential of your products through data-driven strategy and research.


Diving into the world of Marketing Communication, we bring a fresh perspective to elevate your brand's voice. Our Creative Space boasts state-of-the-art facilities, enabling us to produce captivating content in-house. More than just a design studio, we transform into a fully equipped film, photo, and animation production powerhouse, ready to tackle the most daring and high-tech marketing solutions.We're not your typical agency – we embrace experimentation with new media, pushing the boundaries of what's possible to create unforgettable experiences for your audience. With Husarska Design, watch your brand narrative come to life through innovative, immersive marketing communication strategies.

We don’t make quantum physics here.
Kind of…

Our design studio delves into the fascinating realm of cutting-edge materials. While we may not be physicists, our work is inspired by the principles of quantum theory to guide our exploration and development of innovative materials. We collaborate with groundbreaking materials such as carbon, glass fiber, and next-generation acoustic solutions, pushing the envelope of design possibilities. Our passion for sustainable innovation drives us to create materials like hemp wood, transforming the way we approach design. With Husarska Design, experience the synergy of quantum-inspired creativity and trailblazing materials, as we redefine the future of product design together.

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What if creation was
an industrial process?

Our design process follows a circular pipeline: Observation, Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, User Feedback, Iteration, and Implementation. This methodology ensures that we foster an environment where creative thinking and industrial efficiency coexist, optimizing our work to exceed expectations and achieve outstanding results.

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