A Manifest for Sustainable Future

The Re-Hemptation isn’t just an exhibition; it's a groundbreaking manifest. Showcased in the design hubs of Łódź and Vienna, it underscores the urgent pivot towards sustainable materials in the design industry, emphasizing the intertwined nature of creativity and environmental responsibility.

The cities of Łódź and Vienna, renowned for their design legacies, played host to Re-Hemptation, an eye-opening exploration into eco-conscious design. This space was not merely a gallery but a classroom, a lab, and a vision of the future.

Deep within the Re-Hemptation lies a commitment to innovation. The True Green, in collaboration with GreenLanes, has tapped into hemp's potential, unveiling it as a robust wood alternative. The journey has been meticulous, from rigorous R&D to crafting universally adaptive furnishings like the Hemp Square, HempDen, and HempStool.

The True Green
Furniture & Interiors
Art direction
Color material and finish
Concept Design
Design research
Design strategy
Industrial product design

From the design-rich terrains of Łódź to the artistic alleys of Vienna, Re-Hemptation echoes a simple, potent message: design with conscience, innovate with purpose. As it journeys forward, it invites every onlooker, designer, and dreamer to be a part of this green shift, making sustainability not just an option but the very core of creation.

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Design Team
Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina Robert Kowalczyk Agnieszka Bujas Adriana Cież Beata Weber Paulina Zdybał
Panopticon Films
Video production
Exihibion Content