Space Bar Fitness Equipment

An exploration into the inspiration, design process, and impact of the Space Bar by Design Studio Husarska.

The modern fitness enthusiast constantly seeks innovative solutions to achieve optimal results. Recognizing this, in collaboration with Apus Sports, Design Studio Husarska embarked on a mission to revolutionize workout equipment. The project's objective was simple yet ambitious: to merge in-depth research, user needs, and quality craftsmanship to create a fitness tool that would not only address the myriad needs of trainers but also offer unparalleled flexibility and safety.

Our journey began by delving deep into the world of body pump sessions. These group workouts, contrary to isolated exercises, illuminated the various ways participants engage with weights. Particularly fascinating was the rising popularity of space bars among men, although primarily favored by women. Our engagements with instructors provided further clarity on how space bars were integrated into routines and utilized with barbells.

Various interviews with trainers, coupled with intensive studies of workout videos, became our foundation. Challenges surfaced, especially in crafting the gum versions of the Space Bars, as the material's weight drastically increased when coated. However, our determination to offer a unique product led to the introduction of three distinct weights: 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, and 5 kg.

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Our journey crafting the Space Bars was enlightening. We learned the significance of market research, user engagement, and iterative design. The challenges we faced only fortified our commitment to quality and innovation. This project stands as a testament to Design Studio Husarska's dedication to redefining industry standards.

Space Bars by Design Studio Husarska exemplifies a synergy of user-centric design, innovation, and quality. It is not just a product but a commitment to enhancing workout experiences. We invite you to explore our other innovative projects and consider future collaborations with our studio.

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