Shaping the Future of Dynamic Urban Spaces

Designed by the Husarska Design team in collaboration with technical experts for our client, Komserwis, the Traffic collection is much more than just benches. It represents a comprehensive system of urban furniture designed to evolve with the urban landscape.

The design process for the Traffic collection was deeply rooted in the principles of Value Design Thinking. This approach involved conducting interviews, making observations, analysing trends, and gathering knowledge from in-depth research. These activities ensured that the collection met the needs, behaviours, and experiences of its end-users.

During the design process of the Traffic collection, we applied the Value Design Thinking methodology. By conducting interviews, observations, trend analysis, and knowledge drawn from research, we ensured the development of the collection was deeply rooted in understanding the users' needs, behaviours, and experiences. This approach played a crucial role in shaping the versatility and functionality of Traffic furniture.

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The Traffic collection by Komserwis is a vision for the future of urban design - dynamic, colourful, and people-friendly. This system shows how a thoughtful and innovative approach to urban furniture design can influence the shaping of urban spaces. Designed with people and for people, Traffic invites you to jointly discover and create the future of our cities.

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